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Sugar Loaf Ski Resort

UPDATE: The Sugar Loaf Ski Resort has undergone demolition, there is little left at this location.

Feel free to explore the photo gallery below:

This is definitely one of the most interesting places that The Forgotten Existence has ever set foot in. ​ Sugar Loaf Ski Resort had it's heyday in the late 20th century, "In the mid-1970s, it attracted 3,000 to 4,000 skiers a day—numbers that compete with all but the biggest ski areas." (Davies, 2017) However, the remains of the resort and lodge today quite surprisingly resemble that of a working, and functional ski resort. The rooms of the hotel are in strikingly good condition for a location that has been abandoned since March of 2000, and the overall feel of the resort is still intact. The only difference between this location, and a fully functioning ski resort is the abundant vandalism and state of disrepair. ​ The resort has had its fair share of owners over the years. It frequently changed hands, and changed management before it's final demise. "After a couple of bad winters, it defaulted on loans and the bank took over, eventually selling to John Sills in 1981. In 1997, the bank reacquired Sugar Loaf and sold it to hotelier Remo Polselli. Polselli ran Sugar Loaf until it closed." (Davies, 2017)

This video below, uploaded to YouTube by SagaFraga, showcases life at Sugar Loaf Ski Resort back in 1984. The extremely 80s-esque video showcases a Sugar Loaf song, and what life was like at the lodge back then. It sure is a blast from the past.

Sugar Loaf claimed to of had a full range of skiing options for the entire family, from casual slopes to more challenging ones. For their younger guests, they offered a variety of planned activities: A daily nursery was available for infants, preschoolers, and all non-skiing children. According to one of the guests portrayed in the video, the food was "unmatched, and you couldn't get a better view from outside." According to the video, Sugar Loaf offered northern Michigan hospitality at it's best.

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