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About Us



The Forgotten Existence, solely as a website, is a documentation and historical preservation photography hub for abandoned buildings and places. However, we are much more than just that. The Forgotten Existence is not only a hub for everything old, abandoned, interesting, and forgotten, but also a project that we have been building, and working on for the past 5 years.


Beginnings & Purpose

     We started as just two guys that travelled around Michigan, looking for a cool adventure. We didn't even start at urban exploration, or even abandoned buildings in general. But ever since we set foot in our first abandoned building, we fell in love. The feeling of exploring a location that has been reclaimed by nature, that seems to have been preserved in time, yet decaying by that same force of time itself is truly euphoric. It was the exploration of our first abandoned building that made us realize that these types of dormant and decaying locations is our niche.

     After our first abandoned building, we knew we had to set out on a quest to explore more. We weren't in these places for the purpose of documentation and historical preservation in the beginning, however. We were there for the sole purpose of exploration. We didn't have a very reverential outlook on these locations until something detrimental happened. The first abandoned building we visited, which was easily one

of the most cherished and loved places we had ever visited, was vandalized, and half burned to the ground, resulting in its demolishment soon after. It was upon this detriment that we knew we had to preserve these places somehow.     


     "Project Abandoned", as it was first called, was a pursuance of our own creation that was dedicated to the photographic preservation of the abandoned buildings that we visited, for our own enjoyment. This wasn't enough to stop the vandalism, and eventual deconstruction of these places, though. We thought about how we could use Project Abandoned to our advantage to help. Curiosity is the ultimate drive behind an adventure, and curiosity always kills the cat. We morphed Project Abandoned into The Forgotten Existence with the creation of this website. The purpose, and main goal of The Forgotten Existence is to serve as an electronically eternized outlet for curiosity via photographic documentation and historical preservation as to avoid the vandalism and carelessness that runs rampant throughout the urban exploration community, which ultimately results in the deconstruction and dismantlement of these historically immense locations.

The TFE Team & THe Future

     Since our start, we have expanded in size. Not only in terms of this website, but also in our personnel, experience, and documentation capabilities. The Forgotten Existence has expanded from a single website, to a network of social media that includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We have also expanded from solely photography to a multitude of mediums. Our documentation capabilities have grown from cell phone camera stills, to stunning DSLR photography and 3-axis stabilized 4K videography, both terrestrially and aerially. All of these expansions are a direct result of our amazing team, that has formulated the growth and success of our efforts over the past few years.

     Going forward, we plan to continue to expand our team, expand our photography and videography capabilities with better technology and training, expand our historical resources in order to provide the most accurate and fulfilling articles we can produce, and continue to work


closely with the owners of abandoned properties in order to continue to serve TFE's purpose of serving as an outlet for curiosity in order to protect these historically immense locations.

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